September with Mattie....Mosaic Heartsongs

....In so many ways, we are the same.
Our differences are unique treasures.
We have, we are, a mosaic of gifts
To nurture, to offer, to accept...

Excerpt from "For Our World" by Mattie J. T. Stepanek, in Hope ThroughRead more

September with Mattie....MEMORIES

So Many Memories, So little time to make more....

Memories are a gift of the past,
That we hold in the present,
To create what can be a great future.
Treasure and keep memories,
For the sake of life.

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This Month With Mattie....

September is the month I have chosen to reflect on Mattie J.T.Stepanek.  "He was 13 years old and was the youngest of four children, each born with a life-threatening neuromuscular disease.....not diagnosed until all four of the children were born…Read more


Today I watched my cats....each in their own place.  One laying in the sun, one in the air conditioning on a window sill....always alert, on guard, ready to attack the next bug or lizard, ready to play, ready to purr…Read more


Today I have awakened with great inspiration.  I am planning a retreat....not for everyone, but for some.  And from those that will choose to respond, I am already drawing amazing energy,  hope and encouragement.  Only when we give of ourselves…Read more


If you haven't heard, we are planning a retreat.   Leroy's Café in St. Augustine and Dave and Jonella are planning a 1 day retreat Saturday, November 1, 2014.  It will be at Leroy's Café and is shaping up… Read more

The sun between the clouds....

Like Florida in the Summer, sometimes it is hard to find the sunshine between all of the showers.  I always say if we didn't have the rain we would not appreciate the sun as much.  Enjoy the moments of life…Read more

The Mysterys of God at Work....

Each day we walk through life greeting each other with our ideas and beliefs.  No need for disruption even if others are disrupt able.  When you walk through the doors of life take what you choose, leave the rest behind…Read more

Amazing Power of Spirit

Two wonderful events, both Friday at Christmas Come True and Sunday at Daytona Books & Metaphysics. It never ceases to amaze me the power of the spirit to comfort those in grief. Messages for recent losses and messages coming through…Read more

Note from Sarah....5-12-12

"Not once but twice you were able to speak for my dad who passed very quick and was able to validate both my kids nicknames and say things that NO ONE could know about him....sinking a boat 10 years ago.

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"Family Reunion"

Jonella and I are so excited to be a part of a "Family Reunion".  What an honor to be a part of this heartwarming and unique experience.  As always, our wish is to help unite this family with family and

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