About Us

Dave and Jonella Bachman have been friends and married for almost four decades.  They have owned and worked together in several businesses, including a Metaphysical shop for a number of years.  Their common love and devotion is their passion for people.  The passion began many years ago for both of them when they discovered the world is a very mysterious place and that sometimes things are true whether you believe them or not.

Dave Bachman  -  His interest was sparked by someone that he would never have thought would "think outside the box".  He was invited to attend a course of study called the Silva Method (then called Silva Mind Control).  This course started him on a lifetime of meditation and opened him to the power of thought and the other world within.  With this, a whole new vision of thought opened his mind to possibilities.  Meditation (or prayer) helped him listen to the voice within and showed him he could create his own reality through direction of thought.  The possibilities were endless.

Then came the questions:  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where are we going when we die?  The study of Mediumship was his direction of choice to answer those questions.  Knowing we are here on earth for a very short window of time, Dave began to look at "long term" plans, and looking for some security in knowing, after we leave here, what was next.  Through natural talent and years of study he developed his mediumship abilities.  Basically, he learned to clear his own daily thoughts and listen to his soul and the information flowed.  Over the years he has been trained and mentored by some of the best mediums at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp and, recently, at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, United Kingdom.  The story continues  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Jonella Bachman - Jonella became the most curious when, in high school, she had an "out of body experience".  Raised strictly Methodist, she had no idea what had just happened to her nor did the people that surrounded her at the time.  However, she still never lost track of the adventure of it all and would tell the story any time she could find someone that would listen.  She also remained extremely facinated by anything that was outside the realm of  "normal" (whatever that is).  She was well into her 30's before life offered her anyone that would be "awake" enough in their own journey to help her begin her next chapters of life.  From that point the questions seemed to pour into her path.  After all, it is the question that is the excitement, not necessarily the answers.

Jonella began truly studying when she and David met in 1985.  Not only was he her "knight" but one of their many attractions was their mutual nature for the unexplained.  She began her journey truly listening to others that had walked the steps ahead of her and seeking the knowledge from the people that seemed to share the experience of the things that interested her most.  And thus, began to develop her Mediumship.  While she still has personal interest in most of the mysteries that are introduced in the "metaphysical" world, most of her development in the recent years has been drawn toward Mediumship.  She is honored that the mentors that chose her continue to share and encourage her and has walked side by  side with David in the studies indicated above.